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Osama’s Bin Buried

Osama Bin Laden needs a sea burial like he needs a hole in his head! Yep, Osama  is swimming with the fishes after being given a waterboarding  burial.In accordance with Islamic tradition they had 24 hours to bury the  terrorist so not wanting his burial place to become a shrine the US forces decided to dump him in the ocean. Fish fodder… how fitting but how scary. I can’t see the Islamic world taking to kindly to this.


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Sea Burial Fail

You know what I hate? When you honor a man’s wishes by burying him at sea, only for his body to resurface the following day and inadvertently cause a homicide investigation. I really friggin hate that! Seems like there may have been some burial at sea violations when the family farewelled Daniel Lasky 4  miles off the coast of Port Everglades. Despite being weighted down, Lasky’s body resurfaced the next day scaring the crap out of a fisherman who contacted police. Authorities are investigating why the body didn’t sink!


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