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When You Should Have Been Sleeping With One Eye Open!

The last thing you expect to hear from your wife when you dig up a skull in your backyard is  ‘don’t worry – it’s my first husband’. The 60-year-old Russian woman had allegedly bumped him off 20 years ago with an axe. She then told her new hubby just to rebury the remains and forget about it. Luckily hubby thought better of it and contacted police. They found bones all through the veggie patch. She later said she killed him with an axe and chopped him into pieces after he came home drunk.


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Dog brings home human legYou know what I hate? When your dog comes home with a human leg in its mouth. I really friggin hate that! The poor 93 year old man from Washington couldn’t believe his eyes when his pooch Liberty came bounding home with his latest find, a human leg. In a state of panic he took the leg and buried it in the backyard because  “I didn’t want to have to go to the pen for something I didn’t do.” When he told his daughter she rang police and well, they brought in sniffer dogs to locate the rest of the body.


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Hey, Didn’t We Just Bury You?

Sheez, I thought it was her

Sheez, I thought it was her

You know what’s awkward? When you positively identify a body as your missing relative and two days after the funeral the person you thought was dead rocks up. Now officials have to dig up the body and try and work out who it really is. Sheez, lucky they they chose burial.

Psst Those relatives need to go the SpecSavers


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If You Are My Son, Who The Hell Did We Bury?

Thought you could hide, huh?

Oo Oh, a mother who identified then buried her son, after his body was found in a nearby town, got the surprise of her life when he was found alive. God knows who is in the grave but it ain’t Jasper Soriano.  Jasper was found by his pissed off wife in another province when rumors circulated that he was still alive. The wife claims she punch and kicked him to make sure he wasn’t a figment of her imagination. Sheez, if he thought that was bad,  wait until he has to go home and face his mother!! Still no word on who they buried!


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Doritos Inventor Buried With His Favorite Chips

Quick guys, over to West's plot he's got snacks!

If you are the inventor of Doritos what better way to be sent off when you die than have your family toss your favorite Dorito flavor chips into your grave before being buried. It is believed the family will toss Original, Cool Ranch and Nacho flavored Doritos because they were Arch West’s fav. No calories when you’re dead!

Psst He didn’t like the Cheeseburger flavor.


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Osama’s Bin Buried

Osama Bin Laden needs a sea burial like he needs a hole in his head! Yep, Osama  is swimming with the fishes after being given a waterboarding  burial.In accordance with Islamic tradition they had 24 hours to bury the  terrorist so not wanting his burial place to become a shrine the US forces decided to dump him in the ocean. Fish fodder… how fitting but how scary. I can’t see the Islamic world taking to kindly to this.


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Reverse Charges

Hey Loons, I hear Tony Curtis was buried with his iPhone, so if you want to crank call him I suggest you do it  before his batteries go flat.

Psst I hope he is on a good phone plan!


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Non Alcoholic Time Capsule

I waited 25 years to see their faces!

Pictures..check…VHS tape … check … magazine … check … bottle of brandy…WTF, where did it go? When officials dug up a time capsule which had been buried under concrete in Somerton, Arizona since 1985 they were shocked to discover everything was there except the bottle of brandy.

Psst They all swear the bottle was in the time capsule when it was buried!


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