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Burka Rage

Sheez, lucky I wasn't wearing my vest!!!

A retired teacher Jeanne Ruby (63) went a little troppo when she spied a woman wearing a niqab in a home furnishing shop in Paris. She ran up to the unsuspecting woman and asked her to remove the veil because it was offensive. She was pretty much ignored by Shaika Al-Suwaidi who was shopping with a friend and two snowflakes. When Mrs Ruby spotted a still veiled Al-Suwaidi a few minutes later, she flew across the store and ripped the niqab off her head before scratching and slapping the stunned woman. In an interview following the incident an unrepentent Mrs Ruby said “For me, wearing the veil is an act of aggression; I felt attacked as a woman,” and “It’s no more than a muzzle and all that’s missing is the reins. It’s the negation of womanhood.”


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Burqa Wearing Robbers

Great for robbing, but a bitch to run in!

What the world needs now are friggin burqa wearing robbers.Yes, what is believed to be two Muslim women, entered a post office in France, flipped off their veils and pulled out a gun. Boo, this is a stick up. The pair (now believed to be men) got away with $7,100 and France was given the best reason ever for the banning of Muslim headgear. Hmm call me cynical but I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t French politicians trying to prove a point.

Psst Gee, it would be like running in a Snuggie blanket!


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Burkini Ban

Burkini banned in local French PoolOK people,in UK there has been a recent ban on skimpy swimwear at a water fun park but across the Channel the French seem to be having issues of the opposite kind . A French Muslim woman has been banned from her local pool for wearing a “Burkini”, which is a three piece burka body suit. Hmm, the suit consists of leggings, a long sleeved tunic, and head covering.The pool insists the banning of the Burkini is for hygienic reasons and that wearing shorts in the pool is also banned. Yannick Decompois, swimming pools director for the Marne-la-Vallée area said ‘This woman can easily wear her burka at the library. We can’t see any problem there.’. Hmm yes, but can she swim in a library? (Very quietly I suppose!).


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