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Devil 1, Mere mortal 0

Man attempts to kill devilOK, one more time people, you can’t “kill the devil” by setting your house alight but you can burn down four houses in your neighborhood. Now you have the devil to pay.

Psst Malaysia


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Hope Floats But Bleach Burns

OMG Sandra Bullock, far too much information. Seems like Sandra Bullock’s  Valentines present to hubby Jesse James got a little overheated. As a surprise she decided to shave her pubic hair into a heart shape and dye it pink. What could possibly go wrong Miss Congeniality? Hmm,well it seems the bleach burned like a bitch and the dye went a nasty color. Sounds like she pretty much spent February 14th soaking it in an ice bucket.

Psst This is the kind of image I just don’t want to have!


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