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Santa Does A Chuck Norris

Santa didn’t need his little helpers when he pulled a man from a burning car before it went kaboom. Yes, a Texas Santa (aka Brad Luddeke) was on his way to deliver toys to needy families when he witnessed a crash and rushed to help. He grabbed the man from the burning car just moments before it exploded and then directed traffic until help arrived. Santa then left the scene to continue delivering his presents.


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Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

A big shout out to smart thinking Michael Coyle who used milk to hose down a burning car to save the lives of two trapped men. The incident happened on the road between Derrylin and Bellinaleck in Ireland. When Coyle happened upon the crash scene he immediately maneuvered his milk tanker into position and from a valve at the rear of his truck let the milk flow. Both men are now in a stable condition in hospital. Hope they weren’t lactose intolerant!

Want milk with that?


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