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Too Hot To Handle

OMG, tragedy has ruined the Sauna World Championships in Finland. Damn it. Russian contestant Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy died from severe burns while battling it out with reigning champ Timo Kaukonen six minutes into the final round. The two were sweating it out in a 230 degree (110 Celsius) room, with water was tossed on a hot stove every thirty seconds, when ex wrestler Vladimir collapsed. Both men were allegedly friggin bleeding from their burns when they were yanked out of the sauna. Ironically there is not even a decent friggin prize for the winner, just a title. The competition, which has been running since 1999, is over for good.


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Friggin Cigarette Lighter!

WTF? A three year old boy from Florida woke up in the middle of the night, found himself a cigarette lighter and set his great grandmother’s bed alight….with her in it. The incident happened in a mobile home in Port Orange where seven people were sleeping at the time. Phyillis Hall was taken to hospital with burns to her hands, feet and upper body but was later discharged but her hubby remains in hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

Psst He might just be off Santa’s list this Christmas!


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Hey, You Got a Light?

OK, here’s the thing, woman from Brisbane, when your partner allegedly throws petrol (aka gasoline) all over you during a fight, the last thing you should do is light a friggin cigarette. That’s a trip to the hospital right there!

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Nope, That’s a Fail!

You'll just have to imagine the homemade jet pack going kaboom!

OK, here’s the thing Michigan man, when you build a backpack from an old car muffler and fill it with gasoline and gunpowder to see if you can become a human jetpack rocket sled, it will always end in tears and burns. The unnamed man was attempting to zoom down a hill with his homemade device on his sled when it went kaboom!


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Recipe For Disaster

OK, here’s the thing 17 year old kid, do not and I repeat do not, siphon gas while lighting a cigarette. Kaboom! The teen suffered first and second degree burns to 30% of his body when he tried to remove gas from a family member’s car and light a smoke at the same time.


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