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If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Ban A Burqa in Belgium!

Sheez, I better get to a hairdresser!!!

Well, well, well, Belgium has pipped France to the post by being the first country to ban the burqa. Yes sirree, a new bill has been written to ban the use of clothes or veils which cover the face and stop the wearer from being identified. Liberal Deputy Denis Ducarme said “We’re the first country to spring the locks that have made a good number of women slaves, and we hope to be followed by France, Switzerland, Italy, and the Netherlands; countries that think.” If ignored people face a fine or a jail sentence. Hey, don’t get your knickers in a knot , Iran and Saudi Arabia  have similar dress codes for westerners. Phew…the pressure is pretty much off the South Park dudes.

Psst And cue human rights organizations… can you hear the screeching Clarice?

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Burqa Wearing Robbers

Great for robbing, but a bitch to run in!

What the world needs now are friggin burqa wearing robbers.Yes, what is believed to be two Muslim women, entered a post office in France, flipped off their veils and pulled out a gun. Boo, this is a stick up. The pair (now believed to be men) got away with $7,100 and France was given the best reason ever for the banning of Muslim headgear. Hmm call me cynical but I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t French politicians trying to prove a point.

Psst Gee, it would be like running in a Snuggie blanket!


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