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Indian Baby Spontaneously Combusts

Indian baby keeps bursting into flamesOMG, what the hell ? A three month old baby boy is currently in an Indian hospital because he allegedly keeps bursting into flames . Doctors think he maybe excreting flammable gases through his skin or alternatively his mother is simply lying . According to the mother  the poor little bub has spontaneously combusted 4 times causing horrific burns.

Psst Nappy changing must be a challenge…one fart…kaboom! Hmm, too far?

Want sauce with that?


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Man Spontaneously Combusts Outside Vinyl Record Store

Passersby got the shock of their lives at a Swedish railway station when a man appeared to spontaneously combust right in front of their eyes. The man was standing outside a vinyl record store at the station when, whoosh, he burst into flames. While most stood and stared in shock, a streetcar driver ran to his rescue and used his coat to put him out. No word on how, why or who.

Psst  A vinyl record store?



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Man Bursts Into Flames Watching Porn

Oils aint oils

Now loons, no jumping to conclusions here but a man in San Francisco has burst into flames while in a private booth watching videos at a porn shop. An investigation is underway as to what exactly happened but witnesses say they saw him burst out of the doors of the store engulfed in fire . Luckily there were firefighters about a block away who raced to the scene and doused him. He is currently in critical condition in hospital.


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