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That Will Teach You

Quit complaining I gotta walk back!

Quit complaining I gotta walk back!

AHAHHAHHA, good old fashion punishment.A Northern Territory father has taken a interesting approach to punishment (considering all the restrictions these days) by making his five year old son walk 2 and half hours to school everyday after he got kicked off the school bus.Yep, naughty little Jack Burt threw an apple core at the bus drivers head and was bus banned for 5 days. After Jack fessed up to his dad Sam Burt, he decided the little tyke should learn a lesson. So every morning the duo woke up at 5.10am and walked the 13kms from Herbert to Humpty Doo (yes it is a real name!).After the 5 days of punishment Mr Burt took out a public notice in the Northern Territory newspaper “Jack Burt and his dad wish to thank all the kind people who stopped to offer them lifts in the past week. It’s good to see a number of good people in the community. Jack hopes to be allowed back on the bus on Monday.” Well, the story doesn’t quite finish there, come Monday morning Jack was back in trouble. So Mr Burt threatened little Jack with after school walks home.A teary little Jack wasn’t impressed because he feared he wouldn’t get home before dark. Ah, but his dad was quick to reassure him it was OK, they would leave the key out for him!

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