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Chariots of Hell Fire

Putney police want to have a few words with a jogger who appeared to push a woman in front of a bus.

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On The Buses

You get cleaned up by a bus…what do you do? Go to the pub of course….

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Tell Me Your Lion

A safari went awkward after a bus full of 30 tourists broke down in the middle of a zoo park lion tour . Some brave fools risked life and limb to scramble onto another bus while the others stayed put. Unfortunately for them the driver, who had exited the bus, hadn’t put on the hand brake and the vehicle began rolling down a slope, much to the delight of the curious lions. Luckily, the bus driver was silly brave enough to run after the bus and apply the brake. No one was seriously injured in the incident but the animals had a good laugh.


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dunceOK, here’s the thing, if you leave a backpack full of marijuana on a transit bus don’t be ringing to see if they found it because  they are gonna say YES and  when you come to claim it there will be police waiting for you….just saying.


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Roaches On Coaches

New York bound bus infested with roachesOh for crying out loud people, roaches can take holidays too. Seems passengers on a bus going from Atlantic City to New York got all uppity when they realised a family of cockroaches were onboard. Yeah sure, it was a friggin big ,extended family of roaches but people, how do you think they were going to get back to New York… hitch hike? One disgusted passenger said “I sat down – roaches started crawling up on our clothes, falling down from the ceiling. Everything,”  OK, fine, I agree the roaches should have been more polite and just sat quietly at the back of the bus but really, did you have to make the bus driver pull over and radio for assistance?


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What Is That Smell?

Oh the dilemma, if you were a bus driver and a baby pooped in his diaper sending a stench throughout the bus, would you a) kick the mother and the smelly snowflake off the bus b) ask everyone to open the windows or c) hold your breath?  Well, to avoid being featured in a news story I wouldn’t pick a) for starters. Seems the woman, who was 4 months pregnant, was taking her sick child to the doctors when the pooping began.  This inevitably lead to the female driver , who could take no more, saying ‘your baby … smells really bad. And it’s not fair that we all have to smell that.’ before kicking her off. The woman then had to traipse a mile and a half  on foot with the sick bub to the doctors. Lucky doctor. Needless to say mother is pissed.


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Whatever You Do, Don’t Smoke!

Yeah, about those 6 supposed terrorists on a bus in England with a bomb in their bag, turns out it was an electronic cigarette. Awkward. Seems a highly paranoid attentive passenger called the cops from the bus after seeing smoke coming from a bag. Enter police, bomb disposal units, ambulances, fire engines and the military. After the passengers were forced to sit on the bus for three hours they were eventually marched off and held for another few hours while bags were searched. Hmm, that’s when they found the electronic cigarette which is used to aid smokers to quit. Sheez, enough to make you want to start smoking again, I say.


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Watch Out For The Big Purple …. Oh Never Mind

A Texas student is licking his wounds after getting cleaned up by a big purple bus. The first rule of foam sword fight is don’t step on the road….


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How Blair You

Cherie and Tony… always thinking. When the Blairs offered to host a party for their 11 year old son’s  end of term party at their £6million country they came up with a splendid idea. Ban the parents from driving directly to the estate to drop off their kids so they could charge them £10 each for a seat on a bus instead. Priceless.


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Note To Self – Check For Red Dye Pack

A Milwaukee bank robber, dubbed the “Green robber” for catching public transport to and from his crime scene, was left a little red-faced when his getaway money exploded while he was on the bus. Damn those sneaky tellers, they managed to slip a red dye pack into his bag of money… and you pretty much know the rest…..kaboom.


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