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Attention Museum Loving Loons

OK Loons, I have had a request from the cultural complex in Busselton who are competing globally in a …wait for it … ArtGeo Museum Dance Off.  They are competing with 28 other museums around the world (including the Smithsonian)  in a dance comp and they need our votes.  Come on Loons, they are from Western Australia competing with the likes of the Cambridge Museum of Technology in the United Kingdom, the Fine Arts Museum Zanabazar in Mongolia and the Smithsonian’s very own National Museum of American History. Think what your vote could mean? Busselton could become the dance capital of the world!!!!!

This is their video


IMPORTANT : This is how you vote. Go to HERE on the 22nd of April and vote for

Busselton voting



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Miss Beau Vine

Originally Miss Beau Vine was first seen grazing in Lions Park, Busselton,  but by the time I had got there, she was well and truly gone.  Anywho, after a little investigative journalism I discovered she was roaming around a shopping centre in her autumn coat. Miss Beau Vine was the creation of artist Susan Hood.

Miss Beau Vine – Beau was inspired by the changes in the region from the original Dairy Herd Bovines to the new world famous Beau Vines producing fantastic wines.

Miss Beau Vine goes AWOL


Relocated to outside Coles


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We Didn’t Do It Cow

As if we did it! Those damn pesky emus are in denial and also in a friggin shopping centre.Yes, the We Didn’t Do It cow is currently residing at Busselton Central.  The five bemused emus stare transfixed on the assortment of people going about their daily business. The Margaret River region has its fair share of these crazy birds ,who can’t run backwards. One of these scatter brained creatures jumped out in front of my car as I was heading for the caves. I nearly had a feather boa for my bumper!

Wendy Binks- I grew up on a dairy farm, but those fresians didn’t stay still long enough to paint.

We Didn't Do It

Hey, don't look at me!


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Moosic Mania

The Kiss inspired cow number 49 can be found in the courtyard of Busselton’s Art Geo Cultural Complex looking decidedly hip. When I arrived an hysterical little snowflake, who obviously had no idea who Kiss are/were, was being comforted by his bemused mother. The bovine was designed by Joyce Hatchett and  her hubby Douglas Hatchett  “Hubby and I run amok with many a tool, Creating a Rockstar out of this raging bull, Radiowest wants something that Rocks, so Kiss and Gene Simmons will bring the Flocks.” No doubt Paul Stanley would be hell pleased with his placement.

Psst Oh and for all of you interested, Busselton is a quaint little coastal town which boast the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere.

Moosic Mania Cow

Is that a hatchett job?

No doubt Paul Stanley would be hell pleased!

Community Service Announcement – All the cows will be auctioned off on July the 10th, 2010. Money raised will be going to several fantastic Western Australian charities and non profit organisations including Telethon, Give Me Five For Kids, Breast Cancer Foundation WA, Starlight Foundation, Jewel and Lake Cave Conservation Projects, Arts Margaret River and Asthma Foundation of WA. If you are absolutely smittened with one of these cows and can picture it in your garden or office you might just want to contact www.margaretriver.com or email cowparade@margaretriver.com for info on how to bid…oh and don’t forget to tell them the Friggin Loon sent ya!


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