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Penis On The Pavement

vandals carve penis into newly laid concreteWouldn’t it make you just scream. Some poor butcher arrived at his shop to discover some evil doer had carved a 6ft penis into his newly laid  $7000 concrete parking lot. To make matters worse he doesn’t have the money to redo the job so he will now park his car over it to avoid the expected jibes. Seriously, that would be a status symbol in my driveway.


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Like The Customers Didn’t know?

Honey , sweetie, darl, that meat you are selling is past its used by date by a friggin decade! Italian police have arrested a Naples butcher after food inspectors discovered he had tampered with expiry dates on his products. Some of the meat and food he was selling was over 10 years old. Yes, you heard me, over 10 friggin years old.  Among his delights, the inspectors found worm infested meat and parasite covered pasta and biscuits . Hmm, it’s amore!


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The Brothers Grim!

Well done son!

Oh my, two little Indian boys (aged 5 and 7) allegedly hacked to death a wanted criminal after recognizing him hiding out in an orchard. Sheez, here’s hoping it wasn’t mistaken identity!!! The Times of India reported the two blood soaked brothers waltzed into a police station in Uttar and declared they had killed Mahendra. Police later found the butchered body of the fugitive in the orchard.Hmm, I don’t know if the parents should feel proud or extremely scared of  their kids!


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