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Face Appears in Butter

Could this be Donald Trump because it sure isn’t Jesus?




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Hubby Assaulted With Toast And Butter

cave womanA British woman is going on trial after she assaulted her hubby with toast and butter. Seems her hubby wasn’t helping out with the chores so, after brooding about it overnight, she threw toast at him. He didn’t react so she grabbed a handful of butter and rubbed it in his face. Well, yes, that got a response … from police. What a jam!!!

Psst I bet the dishes will be piled up in the sink when she gets home…just saying.

Want sauce with that?


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Traffic Jam and Butter

Now I am toast!

Now I am toast!

And now for something completely different. Government officials in Guangzhou have ordered workers to smear very inch of the climbable surface of a 1,000 bridge with butter.Yes you heard me, butter. Seems they are sick and tired of motorists slowing down and holding up traffic to watch people leaping to their deaths. Hmm, this particular bridge is popular for suicides.  Despite the government employing guards, whacking up signs and special fences, people were still finding ways to jump.So the solution was to cover it with butter, making it too slippery to climb and quicker for guards to nab them. One of the guards said “Since we put up the butter there have been no problems with these attention seekers.”

Psst Wait until someone breaks their neck slipping on the shit and sues the government. Whoops, hang on wait, it’s China….never mind!

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