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Cow bro

A wayward calf got chauffeur driven to the Christchurch jail cell by police after he was found wandering the streets. After spending the night in jail, being hand fed milk, he was handed over to animal control for rehoming.


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Sacred cow

OK, sure cows are sacred in India but friggin breastfeeding an orphaned calf? Sheez! Chouthi Bai believes “The gods will be pleased if I raise her.” Hmm yeah but will PETA?


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It Sounds Like Bull

Those Russians, what a cock and bull story!

Those Russians, what a cock and bull story!

What do you call a 5 legged calf with 2 penises? Russian of course. Hmm, the lucky or unlucky calf named Borka has become quite a celebrity in the Russian village of Zoborie. Many of the villagers believe it is some evil supernatural beast and though they don’t mind looking of it they wont dare pat it. The owner, Evgeny Trofimov, has refused to have either the extra leg or penis removed despite requests from local veterinarians. I guess Evgeny thinks he’s got two for the price of one. Hmm, how far is Zoborie from Chernobyl?


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