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Just The Torso You Say?

If you happened to have seen a man in Calgary on Wednesday running with a torso under his arm, it’s the dude who stole a $460 sex doll from the Little Shop of Pleasures, and police may want a word.

Psst Hmm, seeing as he’s had the doll a few nights I am assuming the store doesn’t want the friggin thing back !


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Well If That’s The Case, Keep Him!

Picture this.Your 10 year old son visits his stepfather in Oregon. While there he gets picked up by police for not wearing a helmet while riding a bike. Next thing you know your son has been thrown into foster care because they don’t recognize his stepfather as a legal guardian. So for the next two years you fight the legal system to get your son back to Calgary. Finally he returns and a month later you discover the  Oregon government are now suing you for the cost of looking after your kid. Hell yes it includes child support and medical costs.


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Insurance Scam Fail

OK, here’s the thing people, if you are going to set up an insurance scam, don’t be assuming the “brown” policeman can’t speak 7 friggin languages. When constable Charanjit Meharu arrived at a suspected home burglary in Calgary the alleged victim was hysterical, claiming she had lost everything. Hmm, then her father rang. She told her father over the phone (in French) that she and her boyfriend had set up the robbery so they could claim the insurance. This while Constable Meharu took notes. When she finally hung up he told her ‘Merci beaucoup.’

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Romantic Bank Robber

Now, Stick them up!

Calgary police are on the lookout for a bank robber who held up the Royal Bank while holding a bouquet of roses. Hmm, he’s either romantic or he has a date with a woman with really expensive taste! Whatever his thing, he took off with an undisclosed amount of money. Smooth!

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Shocking End To Rocket Launch

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, do not and I repeat do not, try to retrieve your model rocket out of power lines if you know what’s good for you. A Calgary man is in a critical condition after he climbed up a 24ft ladder and tried knocking it out with a stick. Zap!

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