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Cop That

police 6One mom in Georgia decided to teach her naughty kid a lesson. After her little spawn’s teacher came for a home visit to discuss Sean’s bad behaviour, mom realised the only way to get through to him was to ring the police. They arrived and arrested the 10 year old, put him in handcuffs and straight into the back of the police car, with lights blazing. Yep, that’ll do it.


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Don’t Mess With Mom

Wanna mess with him again?

A Crestview mom came up with a simple and friggin effective way to stop her eldest son picking on his younger bro. Call the police.Yep, after oldest son (18) got peeved with mom, he went off and slapped his younger brother. Response? A call to the cops. Hmm, after they  noted a red mark on younger boy’s face, they arrested older brother for battery.

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Officer, It’s Coming From Inside My Flat

Don't fear, we'll get to the bottom of this!

A terrified woman in Germany phoned police  after hearing a “suspicious” noise coming from inside her flat. The strange noise could even be heard by the dispatcher who took the call. When police rolled up they traced the sound to a drawer inside her wardrobe. That’s when they found it under her clothes, a friggin battery operated vibrator buzzing away. OMG, awkward.


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