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Worst Wedding Ever

asian girlA jealous lover has turned a Cambodian wedding into a friggin nighmare after he lobbed a grenade onto the dancefloor where the wedding party were happily dancing, killing 9 and wounding 30. Despite police suspecting the man was in love with the bride there have been no arrests made so far.

Psst Bride and groom survived with only slight flesh wounds


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There Goes the RATatouille

First one in is a rotten egg!!!

OMG, spare a thought for the poor Vietnamese, thanks to those friggin floods in Cambodia they now have a massive shortage of rodent meat. Evidently 17 tonnes of live rats are exported from Cambodia to Vietnam each year for consumption but thanks to the  floods most of the “cheap meat” was been washed away.

Psst Give me a break, those rats aren’t dead, they are probably lapping it up in Indonesia right now!!!

Want sauce with that?



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Cremation Fail

Oh dear, a little girl has died in an explosion after one of her relatives poured petrol over their late granny’s casket during a cremation cermony in Cambodia. Evidently one of the males mourners got frustrated with how slow the wet firewood was taking to burn under the grandmother’s coffin. So he decided to help it on its way by pouring 2 liters of gasoline over it. You can pretty much guess the rest. Twelve other family members were injured in the ensuing kaboom!


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Festival Ends In Tragedy

What the hell type of festival leaves 345 people dead? Ask the organizers of Water Festival in Phnom Penh! Between 2-4  million people were attending the event when a suspension bridge crossing to an island began to sway. Cue panic and a stampede. It didn’t help that police began spraying a friggin water cannon at the people to get them to move off the bridge, nor that the bridge was covered in electric lights. Zap!  Electrocution and suffocation are believed to be the main cause of death. Cambodian Prime Minister said “This is the biggest tragedy since the Pol Pot regime,”

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Wanna Be An Extreme Tourist?

OK Loons, hands up who wants to be an extreme tourist  in Cambodia and go tarantula hunting? Someone, anyone? Celtic Queen? Susi Spice? Thought not! Evidently the  latest “mad as a cut snake” craze  for holiday makers is to go spider hunting with the locals and then enjoy a cook up later,featuring deep fried tarantulas in salt and garlic or mixed with rice. The trick to catching a tarantula is to shove a stick down their hole during the day whilst they are sleeping. The pissed off spider will rush out of the ground to find out what the hell is going on and then you pounce.


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It’s A Jungle Out There

Remember Jungle woman? Hmm, nuh? Well, neither do I, but anywho, you know I am gonna tell you anyways. In 1989 Rochom P’ngieng and her sister went missing in thick jungle in Cambodia while herding buffalo. For 18 years their parents thought they were both dead until in 2007 a filthy, naked, scared woman “looking like a monkey”  was caught stealing food from a farmer. It was Rochom. Her parents were united with their long lost daughter after identifying her by a scar. For 2 years all attempts to reintegrate her pretty much failed. She still can’t speak, prefers to crawl than walk and refuses to wear any clothes. Anyway on Tuesday she up and fled. Her father believes she has gone back into the wild to live. Hmm, you know in some ways I don’t blame her, it’s a friggin jungle out there.

Psst No clue as what happened to the other sister.

2nd Psst Some people believe a child of 8 would not have survived in the jungle for 18 years and may have been held captive.


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Woman Arrested Over Tiger Penis

Sheez, I don't know what all the fuss was about!

Oh for crying out loud, a Cambodian woman has been busted for smuggling a tiger’s penis into New Zealand (and no, there isn’t a golf tournament on!). The woman, who had just arrived from Singapore, was singled out by sniffer dogs and a search later revealed she had a tiger’s penis and a gall badder tied around her waist and also in a plastic bag around her leg. Sheez, seems the highly rare and endangered tiger’s penis could fetch a small fortune on the black market (ain’t that the truth Elin). Anywho, if tests prove that the dried up, wrinkly thing belongs to a real endangered species she could be fined $100,000 and/or 5 years jail.


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The Mystery Of Sean Flynn Could Be Solved

Last photograph ever taken of Sean Flynn and Dana Stone

The mystery of what happened to Errol Flynn’s son may finally be solved after bone fragments were found near his suspected grave. Sean Flynn was a photographic journalist, who loved nothing better than taking on high risk assignments in war zones during the 1960’s. On April 6th, 1970, he,  along with fellow journalist Dana Stone, were captured by the Vietcong while on assignment in Cambodia. It is believed the pair, who were on motorcycles, were captured by the communist guerrillas at a roadblock on Highway 1 and  later  were handed over to Khmer Rouge who eventually killed them in June, 1971 . Sean’s mother, actress Lili Damita spent the most of her life and a considerable amount of money searching for her son before having him declared legally dead in 1984.The bones, believed to those of Sean, were discovered after a local man said he saw the Khmer Rouge soldiers kill a man matching his description in 1971.The bone fragments are currently being DNA tested.


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It Was Bound To Happen



A Cambodian man has killed not only himself but his entire family after he tried removing explosives from a bomb he had scavenged. Hmm, that’s what tends to happen when you try and pound the thing out, people. Kaboom! Leng Hatha, who earned money from selling metal from unexploded bombs, killed himself , his pregnant wife and young daughter. When police arrived at his home they found hundreds of live bombs lying around  his home.


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Holy Cow

Hey, anyone want my spit?

Hey, anyone want my spit?

Any excuse for a three day mourning ceremony I say. Hundreds of Cambodians have gathered at the home of a villager who owned a holy cow for like a few days.The calf was born this week with skin that looked like crocodile hide and weird leg markings. In its really short life the poor calf has been inundated with locals helping themselves to it’s saliva (yes, that’s right cow spit) to fix ailments like toothaches (please don’t ask). The villagers believe that the calf had mystic powers, reinforced by the fact rain began falling on the drought ridden village following its death. So anywho in countryside superstitious Buddhist Cambodia that means a three day mourning ceremony! The ceremony involves a lot of monetary offerings, incense burning and praying for it’s rebirth into a longer more fruitful life.

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