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Guess What This is?

Give up?  Well it’s a stool tool chart. Cambridge University students Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and James King have created a yogurt type drink that can turn your shit into all the pretty colors of a rainbow to discover how sick you are. Yep, they have genetically modified all the nasty bacterias into different colors so when you down the “E.Chromi” drink and then crap in the bowl, you can self diagnose. Splendid. So, here’s  rundown of the chart…
Yellow = Colitis
Green = Bowel Cancer
Red = Rotavirus
Mauve = Salmonella
Dark Blue = Stomach Ulcer
Light Blue = Worms
Brown = Good to go

This is a hypochondriacs dream!!! Oh and Mega, you might want to ignore this chart as you’ve been pooping rainbow turds for years!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Sound Of Silence Please

Some people are trying to sleep!

When the student union at Cambridge University’s Newnham college aren’t happy, everybody knows about it. The 400 all female undergrads have received e-mails from the union asking them to keep the noise during sex down to a bare minimum. Complaints people, complaints. Evidently the student union had received some 30 complaints about late night hanky panky in the residence halls. Oooh ahh. The email reminds students that the walls are thin and the sound can funnel.  Hmm but no word on whether men are involved!

Psst I bet I know which ones were complaining!!!!


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Mood Swing Real Estate

Hon, I think we should move to a less motivated town!

Hon, I think we should move to a less motivated town!

Hmm, a study by the Cambridge University suggests that people choose to live in areas that reflect their personality. The study also suggests that people with similar characters like to cluster together in one spot…The cluster factor. Wanna see the personality map of Britain? Want neurotic and introverted go live in Devon, Cornwall, Northumberland or Tyneside. Want friggin cheerful and hard working…East Midlands is for you. Are you a go getting extrovert, spilling over with creativity and intellect but often grumpy….London. Close minded and intolerant ….get thee to Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales.

Stop snickering USA, Jason Rentfrow has created a personality map for you too.Want extroverted… Greater Chicago. Conscientious and structured but must play within the rules …Midwest. Happy and dutiful get your butt down to The South. Carefree, open and creative, make your way to San Francisco, LA, Seattle or even Austin.Oh and all aboard, tickets please, one way to neuroticville…Boston and New York.


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