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Forget Paranormal Activity

Man filming paranormal activity catches partner having sex with teenage sonA man in Tassie set up a video camera in his house in an attempt to capture  paranormal activity but instead caught abnormal activity. Yep, he captured footage of his partner having sex with his teenage son. Holy ghost Batman, that’s going to make Christmas dinner awkward.


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Racist Serial Killer On Loose In France

Authorities have linked the helmet wearing killer of three Jewish children and a Rabbi in France yesterday to two other shootings. Each has happened in four day intervals and has targeted ethnic minorities. The killer seeks his victims whilst riding his scooter, then walks clamly up to them and shoots them at point blank range. His victims so far are  a paratrooper in civilian clothing, two airbourne troops (North African decent), three children and a teacher from the Ozar Hatorah school (Jewish decent).

UPDATE: Authorities now believe the killer filmed his crimes. The gunman is believed to have been wearing an apparatus around his neck which they think was a video camera.

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Even Ghosts Do It!

Ewh, what’s worse than finding a ghost in your house? Finding two ghosts having sex on your couch! Dianne Carlisle’s 4 year old granddaughter snapped the apparition accidentally while playing  with her gran’s phone.

Psst Hmm, are you sure they are ghosts?


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Lights, Camera, Action

David Delagrange you dirty bugger, using a camera attached to your shoe to film up women’s skirts is so 1990’s. Get a life or go on Xtube for goodness sakes.The Indianapolis police allege the man was sideling up to women in dresses at a mall and slipping his right foot strategically under their skirt. During his arrest he got a tasering twice! When searched by police he was found to have had a sophisticated camera and audio recording system wired up through his pants. Pays to be an engineer I guess!


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Don’t Mess With The Amish

Amish businessman catches burglar on infared camera

Thought you were so clever!

A warning to anyone planning to rob Amish people. Their tradition might forbid them from taking pictures of themselves but they don’t have a problem taking pictures of friggin burglars. Some dumbass crook thought it would be an easy target to repeatedly rob Amish businesses in Lancaster County. However he didn’t expect one of them to set up an infrared hunting camera in his store. Hell no. Now his image is plastered friggin everywhere. Dumbassed burglar 0, Hi tech Amish dude 1.

Psst If you know this dude the Pennsylvania police might want to hear from you.


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