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Face Kicking Pastor

He’s Canadian, he’s a convicted sex offender, he’s a pastor and he kicks people in the face to heal them. I’m thinking the devil makes him do it!!! Introducing Todd Bentley…


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Look What The Sting Dragged In!

Who would have thought?

What does a defrocked Anglican priest, a York Uni Professor and Honker the clown all have in common? They’ll soon be on the Canadian  registered sex offenders list after they were arrested in a global kiddie porn ring sting. Richard Dyde, a high profile York University engineer and professor, was charged with making child pornography and Randy “Honker the Clown” Miller, 40, a Beaver leader with Scouts Canada, was charged with making child pornography and sexual assault. The sting has so far has netted 57 men.

Psst A clown and a beaver leader….sheez, did no one see that one coming?


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He Just Keeps Bombing

Blahahaha, a contestant who auditioned for Canadian Idol, by doing a moonwalk across stage while singing an off key version of Avril Lavigne’s Complicated, has been arrested as part of a Canadian terrorist cell. For the love of god they are even infiltrating our trashy way of life, is there nothing sacred? Dr (yes, I said doctor) Khurram Sher is one of three men arrested in connection with a plot to kaboom things around Ottawa.


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Spider Bites Tourist’s Penis

Stop ya bitching, I thought it was a friggin corn dog!

OK people, you might want to think twice about skinny dipping at Northland beach in New Zealand. Hmm, seems a skinny dipping Canadian tourist got bitten on his penis by a venomous katipo spider. Ewh ouch. The tourist isn’t sure when or where he got fanged but after going for a swim in the nude he fell asleep in the sand dunes and awoke to find an enormously swollen dick. No Loons, I know what you are thinking but he also suffered from a nasty red mark on his “shaft”, muscle pains, fever, headache and vomiting. The next morning he was still suffering from chest pains and heart palpitations so he got himself to hospital where he was given anti-venom. Meanwhile the spider was seen gargling with mouth wash!


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Leave It To Beaver

I thought Northwest Passage was...ah never mind!!!!

You know you should have thought seriously hard before calling your magazine “The Beaver”. Canada’s second oldest mag is having a nightmare trying to get a web presence with the name “beaver”. Not only is it being blocked by people’s online porn filters it is often found hidden among the porn site listings. The magazine, which was originally named after the fur trade, is all about the country’s history and not so much about sex or a woman’s private parts. Despite mixed givings about changing the name after 90 years it seem inevitable …so Loons, any ideas?

Psst And NO Jammers ,they won’t be changing it to a history porn magazine!!!


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