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Sex Cancelled Due To Cannibalism Fears



How did I miss this Craig?
OMG, poor Kong saved himself a bucket load of embarrassment after the Seattle Aquarium cancelled his Valentine’s Day mating session in front of visitors. Yes, every year on Valentine’s Day people can view octopus sex. Yep, you heard me, octopus sex. Tentacles thrashing everywhere!!!! But unfortunately for Kong, he was too big for the lovely lady octopuses and staff  feared Kong might eat them, as he is more than double their size. However, there was relief all around as  Kong lived to see another day…. evidently an octopus dies soon after sex. Go Kong!!!!


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Realism Added To Wizard Of Oz Festival

I’ll get you my pretty and your dog too! 50 mph winds and a suspected tornado in Chittenango, birthplace of the author of Wizard of Oz, L.Frank Baum, forced the cancellation of the “Oz-Stravaganza”. So very ironic. The storm blew away many of the vendors tents which were set up for the Oz festival. Even the real-life munchkins from the “lollipop guild” (yes, a few are still alive), who were guests of honor, were forced to batten down the hatches as the power went off. On a lighter note, one of the vendors proclaimed “We’re not in Kansas anymore,”


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Move On, No Cheese Rolling To See Here

Unfigginbelievable, the Cotswolds hill cheese rolling race has been canceled due to health and safety fears. For nearly two centuries people have been running down the steep hill, risking life and limb, to chase a 7lb wheel of Double Gloucester. Now, zip, zilch, nada. Authorities are concerned about the number of people flooding into the area to watch the event and the potential damage they could cause by trampling through people’s properties.The cheese rolling site at Cooper’s Hill in Brockworth has the capacity of around 5,000 people but last year the event attracted over 15,000. Bummer, in my day a 300% increase was a good thing!


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Here’s A Friggin Story

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, you are such a biatch! Seems that lesbian denying Eve Plumb hasn’t forgiven Maureen McCormick for spilling the beans on her in  Here’s The Story autobiography. No seriously she is pissed. So much so she is refusing to be in the same room with her (obviously she isn’t quite over the whole lesbi thingy) which kinda makes the NBC reunion seem pointless because she has declared herself a no show. Hmm, probably the reason why the whole thing has been canned. McCormick claimed in her book she and Plumb had an on-set sexual relationship (ewh, incest), something Plumb has adamantly denied. Geez, makes Barry Williams (Greg Brady) and Florence Henderson’s (Mrs Brady) date seem pathetic. Did I mention McCormick also had a fling with Williams as well. Marcia sure was a slut!


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Boo Hoo!

Most haunted village in Britain cancels HalloweenWhen you are the most haunted village in the country it isn’t surprising the locals loath Halloween! Pluckley residents, who boast over 12 spooks, including a highwayman, ghost in a pub, a phantom monk and a hanging school master, are so tired of people invading their town and wreaking havoc during Halloween they are banning it . Move on people, nothing to see here. Talk about a dissing “There will be no barbecue, no hog roast, no beer tent, no fun fair and there will be no ghost tours. In fact, unless you are coming for a quiet drink, may we suggest you visit one of the many other attractions in Kent for Halloween.” Evidently Pluckley gets invaded by hundreds of Halloweeners each year and they are scarier than their ghosts!

Psst Don’t believe me? Check out the Pluckley Website.


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