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Flaming Whitney Houston Vigil

A Whitney Houston fan accidentally set her house on fire after lighting candles  during a vigil for the dead singer. Now her living room is a melted mess.


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Happy Birthday To You!!!

Oh crap, you know what I hate? When you get birthday candles mixed up with fireworks and you put them on your 13 year old’s birthday cake. Hmm, I really friggin hate that! The ensuing explosion  more than likely scared the shit out of the birthday girl and her parents, who were all injured by the small explosion. The damage to dining room was bad enough for the bomb squad to be called.

Psst I’m guessing mom wants a new dining room for her birthday!


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Hamburger Scented Candles

Have you been breaking your diet, you bastard!

Looks like a hamburger, smells like a burger but doesn’t taste like a burger… it’s the White Castle hamburger scented candle! For $10 you can live the dream without the hardened arteries. Nothing like having a house that smells like a burger joint to get your stomach juices aroused. Come on people proceeds are going to the charity “Autism Speaks“. OK, stop right there, I just went onto their website and they are all sold out!!!!! Check for yourself if you don’t believe me…White Castle.com


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Well There Goes The Romance!

There goes the cheap Christmas presents!

And there goes the cheap Christmas presents!

Cancer alert to all people using scented candles. Evidently (so scientists say), many of those relaxing, soothing, romantic smelling candles you have burning around your house are laced with toxins linked to cancer and other nasty ailments. Great! Ewh and the worst offending candles are the ones made from paraffin wax,hello, a byproduct of petroleum! They can spew out harmful amounts of chemicals, including toluene and benzene. Oh but people don’t panic just quite yet, beeswax and soy candles have been given the all clear!

Psst Geez, don’t let the gas and petrol sniffers hear about this!


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