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Toking Token

The homeless in Denver were living the high life (pun intended) for Christmas after a nonprofit organisation handed out free marijuana cigs to them . Ho, ho, ho. Evidently thousands of rolled joints were given to the homeless to raise awareness of homelessness in the city. Hmm, yep that will do it. The Cannabis Can group are hoping to raise enough money to buy RVs ,that are decked out with loos and showers , for people living on the streets to use.

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They Will Never Look Here

If you are going to set up an illegal cannabis factory in Britain, where else to locate it but Pot House Lane. The 200 plants were discovered in a farmhouse in Pot House Lane,  Lancashire and have an estimated street value of £80,000.

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3000kg of Pot Found Floating In the Ocean

Oh man, now I gotta cancel the party!

Attention people, has anyone lost 3000kg of cannabis? If so, you might want to give the US Coast Guard a buzz because they found it floating off the Southern California coast. The 160 bales of pot were found bobbing in the waves about 24km off shore with no vessel in sight. Police estimate  it has a street value of about $3million. Sheez, imagine how many Facebook shares you could buy with that?


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I’m Here To Pick Up A Bag

Hold your horses Loons, we may have the winner for potential idiot of the year. Stand up and take a bow Patricia Lynette Wright, of Blenheim. She waltzed into a police station to claim her lost bag. Only prob, it contained 20 grams of cannabis. Bummer, now she has 6 months probation and counselling sessions for her troubles.


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If first you don’t succeed, think middle ages. Drug smugglers have been caught on surveillance cameras catapulting packs of cannibis over the Mexican border into the US. Atta boys.The fun ended after the Naco Border Patrol Station watched them for awhile before contacting the Mexican authorities. Yes, they even seized the catapult!


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It’s The Season To Be Jolly


Bah friggin humbug, a German hippie has had his 6ft Christmas tree confiscated. Reason? It was a decorated marijuana plant. The old hippie had it in his living room decorated with a string of lights and was planning to place presents under it until the police ruined it all. Meanwhile German police arrested another man who was busted with a homemade Advent calendar with weed behind each door instead of chocolate. Both are facing drug charges. Falalalala la la la la.


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Cut Costing Cannabis Grower

Geez, who calls them dope growers? Some 19 year old woman from Lancashire found a cheap way to keep her cannabis factory running. She illegally drained power from her streets’ lamp-post lighting system to keep costs to a minimum. It was only when neighbors complained about the dim street lights did authorities discover her sophisticated lighting and watering weed scheme was being powered by the street lighting system.  Hello, how else could you maintain £100,000 worth of cannabis, people?


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Come On Get Happy

Easy mistake

For over 5 months Mohamed Jalloh was able to convince prison guards that the plants he was growing were tomatoes. However every prisoner in Verne Prison in Dorset  knew the truth, they were friggin cannabis plants. Jalloh was so good at the deceit he was allowed to decorate one with Christmas ornaments and put it in his cell. It was only after a jealous inmate dobbed him in that the officers Googled images and realized they didn’t no shit about tomatoes. Seems to me like the whole prison was full of dopes.


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