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Canadian Psycho Caught

The elusive Luka Magnotta has been captured in Berlin.


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Gaddafi Dead

Breaking news ……  Unconfirmed reports coming out of  Libya is  ex leader Muammar Gaddafi has been captured, wounded killed near his hometown of Sirte. No word on whether his harem was with him but Abu Bakr Younus Jabr (head of armed forces) was, for a short time anyways. Hmm, that was until NATO warplanes blew him to kingdom come. Initial reports stated Gaddafi had been wounded in both legs but it has now been revised to DEAD.

Sheez, photos already!!!


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Female Rapists Captured in Zimbabwe

Oh for crying out loud, three women in Zimbabwe have been charged with raping 17 men after police found 33 condoms full of semen in their car. OK, I shall pause here while you try and picture it in your head. Done? Good! The women have been targeting male hitchhikers and either drugging them or persuading them with a gun. Evidently the sperm is used for ritual purposes. Uh huh. Something to do with scaring away bad luck. Police are hoping more victims will come forward.


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Stop Looking

We break into normal transmission to let you know Yvonne the cow has been caught. Thought you’d like to know! OK, now how do you like your steak, medium or well down? Yvonne, dubbed  “freedom fighter for the animal loving German republic” has no idea she will be spending her days at Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary and not the slaughter house. That will be a nice surprise for the German cow, having spent three months hiding out in a Bavarian Forest trying to avoid becoming a slab of meat.

Psst Now I can defriend her on Facebook.


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Forget Something?

My bad?

OK, here’s the thing ex Libyan Foreign Minister, when defecting to the UK  it might have been a good idea to take your wife friggin with you. Musa Kusa’s other half has been seized by GDaffy’s forces and is currently being interrogated by “internal security” . Hmm, in other words probably gang raped. Meanwhile Kusa is R&R-ing in a safe house in Britain.


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Bottled Ghosts Up For Auction

Not the kind of spirits I want in a bottle, thank you!

OK loons have I got a bargain for you. On the Trade Me online auction site someone is offering two vials, yes that’s right, TWO vials, containing the spirits of ghosts exorcised from a house in New Zealand. Geez, New Zealand friggin ghosts eh! How cool would that be, your own haunting in a bottle. Hmm, they could come in handy, especially if you have a neighbor you don’t like. The spirits should remain harmless as so long as they stay  soaking in the holy water which is also in the vials. If not BOO!
OK here’s the low down on the ghosts who were captured by an exorcist from some spiritualist church. Ghost number one is believed to be Les Graham who died in the house in the 1920’s and loves nothing better to do with his time than pop up and spook people.
Ghost number 2 is a little girl who loves moving things around and turning things on and off. She was captured during an Ouija board session. The unknown seller wants them friggin gone because they scare the beejeezus out of him/her. OK loons, do us proud check out the auction  under “two captured ghosts” oh and don’t forget to read the Q&A section, priceless!

Psst You reckon those ghosts won’t be pissed when they are let out.

UPDATE The auction had ended and the ghosts sold for $1,983.


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Car Loving Chicken Has Been Captured

We interrupt this blog for an urgent news flash. The chook that played chicken at Glendale has been caught. All hail Berna Arnold and her 8 year old son who used a fishing net to capture the elusive bird. Lucky, as she has been christened, is now mingling with a horse, a bearded dragon and three other chickens in it’s new home in Simi Valley.

Psst So much for the Pasadena Humane Society animal control officers who tried at least seven times in the past few months to catch the damn walking traffic hazard.


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