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Grannies Go Wild

This was left on a boss’s voicemail… dare you not to grin


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Mystery Deepens Over Death of American journalist Michael Hastings

Mystery Deepens Over Death of journalist Michael HastingsWhen I first heard that American journalist Michael Hastings (33) had died in a car accident last week my eyebrow went up. I knew by the strange obituaries and the scant news reporting that something was up but I didn’t write about it because I didn’t have enough info (OK fine, yes, you got me, it was really because I’m scared of spooks). I went on Twitter and I searched the net to see if anyone else thought his death was suspicious too. There was only a sprinkle of like minds, so I thought I would leave it well alone. But now, fellow conspiracy theorists,  it seems his death in a fiery car crash is beyond suspicious. For those of you unfamiliar with his name, Hastings wrote an article in the Rolling Stones entitled the “The Runaway General” which basically lead to General Stanley A McChrystal’s embarrassing downfall. Evidently, just prior to his death he sent some disturbing emails to fellow colleagues telling them he was onto a “big story” but feared he was being investigated by the FBI and needed to “go off the radar” for awhile. Despite witnesses saying there was an explosion before his car hit a tree at high speed the LA police say there were no signs of foul play. Stay tuned Loons.


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I’m Just Waiting For A Mate

This Australia mammal is known as dumbassapien. They can usually be found in a Holden commodorus, or sleeping under a tree. They have a liking for alcoholic brews and chiko rolls. If you happen to come across one, it is better not to provoke them as they are not very bright.


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Member of the Charlie Daniels Band Killed

The co-writer of the Charlie Daniels Band biggest hit “The devil went down to Georgia”,  Joel “Taz” DiGregorio, has died after his SUV veered off the road and hit a tree in Nashville. Taz, who was a founding member of the band and played keyboards, sang and wrote songs,  was on his way to meet up with the band’s tour bus when the accident happened. The band has cancelled this weekends concerts. RIP Joel “Taz” DiGregorio.


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RIP Jackass

Ryan Dunn, one of the stars of Jackass, has been killed in a car accident in Pennsylvania. The 34 year old starred in all the Jackass movies and was best known for sticking a toy car up his butt and getting a doctor to X-Ray it. Hours before his car crashed and burst into flames Dunn posted a photo on Twitter which showed  him and mates drinking.  RIP Ryan Dunn.


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RIP Macho Man

The wrestling world is in mourning today following the death of legend “Macho Man” Randy Savage in a car accident. It is believed Savage had a heart attack and lost control of the vehicle. WWE named Macho Man the greatest champion of all time and credited him for bringing “a higher level of credibility to the title through his amazing in-ring performances.” His wife was also in the car at the time but she only receive minor injuries. Savage was 58.


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David Arquette Involved In Head On Accident

Don’t you worry though, Arquette just tweeted from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center saying “Luckily I have tiger’s blood running through my veins.” Evidently the car in front of him suddenly braked and he swerved to avoid a tail ender but instead drove into oncoming traffic.

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ELO Cellist Killed By Runaway Hay Bale

One of the founding members of the band ELO, Cellist Mike Edwards, has died in a bizarre car accident in Devon. His van was hit by a runaway hay bale. Yes, you heard me, a friggin 317kg cylindrical bale rolled down a slope,  jumped a hedge and landed smack bang on the roof of his vehicle. Edwards left the band in 1975 to become a Buddhist and changed his name to Deva Pramada. Police are currently trying to locate any next of kin.


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RIP Robert Schimmel

Comedian Robert Schimmel has died following a car accident in Phoenix. Schimmel was a passenger in a car his daughter was driving when she swerved to miss another accident.


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RIP Dr Frank Ryan

Oh my, one of Hollywood’s most well known plastic surgeons has died. Dr Frank Ryan (50) was killed when his jeep rolled down the side of Pacific Coast highway after he and his pooch had just finished hiking a giant sand dune. Ryan was responsible for Heidi Montag and Gene Simmon’s makeovers.

Psst If celebs don’t look that upset it’s just the botox, deep down they are friggin freaking!!!


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