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Honey, Mind The Alligator

Leave me alone I have coupons

OK, can the person who keeps letting 3 foot alligators loose in a New York state parking lot, quit it, the animal control authorities are not amused. So far two alligators have been found on consecutive days roaming around a grocery store car park.Hmm, maybe they were shopping?


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Granny Gets Maced

When an elderly disabled man stopped his car outside the Home Depot store (blocking a bit of the road) to let out his elderly disabled wife, some nasty woman drove passed, screaming abuse. Not being completely content scaring the crap out of the frail couple, she continued her tirade  after parking her car. Oh it didn’t stop there. The woman then pulled out a can of pepper spray and let the elderly woman have it in the face before fleeing. Fortunately, the public helped police to track down the culprit and arrest her. Hmm, well maybe she will move faster getting out of the car next time (kidding people, kidding!!!).



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Granny Bandit Nabbed

Oh my, heavy sigh, the alleged granny bandit has been caught! Yep, her 4 day robbery spree is over. The scarf wearing woman, believed to be in her 80’s, spent 4 days pulling a handgun on people in a Fontana shopping center car park  and taking their purses.


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No Time For Fun and Games

Stand up and take a bow Swansea police for your lateral thinking. When a man threatened to jump from the roof of a multi-storey car park, the police grabbed a bouncy castle to break his fall. The stand off lasted 7 hours but police managed to coax him down without having to use the castle. Hmm, were health and safety notified?

Psst Where’s a friggin bouncy castle when you need it?


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Honey, I Wont Be Home For Dinner


WTF Maryland residents, no need for alarm! A Maryland woman was minding her own bees wax in shopping center car park and noticed a stick on the ground. When she went to pick it up the stick bit her. Yep, that wasn’t no stick, that was a friggin cobra! See, I told you WTF. Evidently the 2ft monocled cobra took a liking to her finger and sunk his friggin fangs in it. Bravest woman in the world managed to bag the beast before hightailing it to the Baltimore clinic where they all pretty much said  WTF is that. After a major ring around to find someone who stocked friggin anti cobra venom, they had success.  All hail the Philadelphia Zoo who had a couple of vials of cobra anitvenom next to the hen’s teeth.

Psst Oh and for any of you who are the least bit concerned about the snake, he is safe and sound in his new abode at a zoo in Fredrick County. Oh yeah and the woman will live too. Win/win.


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