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Crime Doesn’t Pay

loser2A Seattle burglar must be kicking himself . The loser broke into a car and stole a pair of glasses. What he didn’t know was the lottery ticket underneath the glasses was a $1 million winning Powerball ticket.



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You Shouldn’t Judge Me

A female judge, who felt sorry for a homeless car thief who had missed a court appearance and had failed to follow his probation conditions, let him off with just some harsh words rather than a jail sentence. Hmm, so as a thank you, he promptly left the courthouse and broke into her car.


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Dumbass Way Of Stealing A Car

At first you don’t succeed, have the friggin car towed. Oneil Swaby allegedly tried stealing a 1998 Acura Integra outside a convenience store in New Jersey. Unfortunately his attempt pretty much failed so he rang a tow truck driver and pretended to be the owner so he could get it  transported to his place. There’s some lateral thinking for ya! Of course he got damn caught!

Psst Could someone explain why anyone would want to steal a 1998 Acura Integra for goodness sakes?

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The Advantages Of Reading

Ah the misadventures of some poor dumbassed car thief. Daniel Boxall thought he was some kind of wonderful when he pickpocketed a woman’s car keys in Kent and took off with her £13,000 Audi A4 . After he and a mate had driven a few miles they realized the car was running low on gas and pulled into a petrol station. The dumbass failed to read the label on the fuel cap and proceeded to fill up the DIESEL car with UNLEADED. Got all of a few hundred meters he did,  before the Audi sputtered to a grinding halt. Boxall later flagged down a motorist and offered him $100 for the useless car. The motorist in turn rang police.


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Car Thief Deterrent

Want to a stop a would-be car thief  dead in his tracks? The most effective way is to jump into the passenger seat beside him, stark friggin naked. He’ll be running for his life faster than you can say “who’s ya daddy?”. When Russell Stuart of Kent heard someone revving up his beloved Peugeot in the middle of the night, he jumped out of bed , ran to his car, flung himself in the passenger seat and said ‘all right mate, where are we going then?’ The thief took one look at his large naked body and fled.Car thief 0, large naked guy 1.


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Cross Dressing Car Thief

People in Milwaukee be on the look out for a cross dressing car thief. The man in his 20’s loves nothing better than stealing cars and leading police on high-speed chases while dressed in women’s clothing and make-up.


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Honey, Why Do My Tires Have No Tread?

Hey people living in Lancaster, Pennsylvannia, you might want to check the tires on your car. There is a new car thief in town and he has a trick up his sleeve. He steals the tires off your car and then replaces them with shitty, worn out ones!


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To Catch A Thief

Life's a bitch!

Oh dear, what’s the definition of loser? Try Travis James Neeley. He’s the bright spark who tried to steal a car at Lake City in Florida, only to be spotted by the owner who used his remote-controlled locking mechanism to keep him trapped inside the vehicle. Every attempt Neeley made to get out of the car was thwarted by the owner and the fob key “every time he tried to get out of the car, the owners just kept hitting the lock button.” In the end Keeley resigned to the fact he was in big doo dah and just sat there waiting for the police to rock up. Owner 1, friggin thief 0.


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A Double Dumbass Day

OMG, not only did a car thief ring 911 to report the truck he had just stolen had run out of gas but  it was later discovered he had filled the diesel vehicle with unleaded, thus the real reason why it had stalled.


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Take That Sonny!

My bad?

My bad?

Don’t be messing with an 80 year old Philly resident if you know what’s good for ya. Scott.T.Loher had only just been released from jail when he decided to steal an elderly man’s car. Only problem was, elderly man wasn’t about to let him have his keys. Despite Loher smashing the man in the face elderly man managed one nice kick to Loher’s balls (yep, bulleye) making him run away in extreme pain. Loher was later picked up by police walking rather tentatively down the street. Joseph Knox from the Warrington police said “He just got out and he needed a ride home and apparently he didn’t want to wait,”. Another fine example of generation Y.


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