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The Problem With Harry

Oh for goodness sakes Harry Duggan, you can’t just drive drunk, without a license, hit a friggin tree and leave the scene of the crime while your passenger lays dying in the wreck. Well, I guess you can but in the end you have to pay the consequences. Duggan allegedly admit to being drunk behind the wheel when police later located him at home. That’s a vehicular homicide charge right there…. not to mention a string of other charges.


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When In Humpty Doo

Couple have sex in car after crashingAn Aussie guy who drove drunk, crossed to the wrong side of the road and crashed into a concrete drain in Humpty Doo was left a little red faced. Hmm, despite having minor injuries he and his woman decided it was a good time as any to have sex (it wasn’t like they were going anywhere). Bril, except for the fact the police soon rocked up. After a few awkward moments the couple were removed from the wreck!


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