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Carpool Fail

carpool_failOK, here’s the thing carpool sneak. If you are going to use a cardboard cut-out in the passenger seat make sure it isn’t of the dude from the “Most Interesting Man in the World” beer commercial…just saying. Hello, State Troopers watch TV too. That’s a $124 ticket right there.


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This Is What The Bear Would Have Looked Like

The silliest news story you will see all day. WJW Fox 8, a Cleveland news station, reported on a bear sighting by using a cardboard bear cutout to recreate the event. Priceless.


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7 Things I Hate About Cardboard Cut Out Miley

Pulling the piss on Miley Cyrus pretty much guarantees you 18 million hits on Youtube no matter how good or bad you are……


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