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And You Were Going So Well

noA woman in Massachusetts thought she could fool the police by making her very own cardboard license plate, including the blue and red “The Spirit of America” and attach it to her unlicensed car. If she had only remembered to draw an updated inspection sticker on it too. Damn it. That’s a heap of citations right there.


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Makeshift Windscreen

OK, here’s the thing Chinese lorry driver, a sheet of cardboard isn’t a good substitute for a broken windscreen. Police pulled over Mr Li after seeing him diving down the Jinggang’ao Highway with his head sticking out of the side window (in freezing cold weather).  A blue faced Mr Li told the officers the windscreen had broken in an accident a few days prior, but because he was on a tight schedule he had no choice but to make a temporary one out of cardboard.  Occasionally, when his eyelids froze and his face went numb, he would stick his head back inside the truck and use the tiny holes in the cardboard to peer through. It is believed Mr Li drove for over 400 miles in this manner.


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