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Fabrice Muamba Suffers Cardiac Arrest

Thoughts and prayers for Bolton Wanderers player Fabrice Muamba who suffered a cardiac arrest on the field. Players and 36,000 fans watched in horror as the midfielder collapse during the first half of the FA Cup Quarter Final between Tottenham Hotspur and Bolton. He remains in a critical condition in hospital.

Psst In a sign of respect Aston Villa have agreed to Bolton’s request to postpone Wednesday’s match.


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Death By Sexual Arousal

OK, there are so many things wrong with this story where do I start? Nichola Paginton, a nanny from England, was found dead in her bed last October. All that was found was a vibrator and a laptop running pornographic images next to her. Hmm? The pathologist concluded that there was no abnormalities in her organs so the only explanation for her death was sudden heart attack brought on by an orgasm or by being sexually aroused.

Psst Geez, what a way to go….everyone knowing!!!!


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