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That’s An Infestation Right There

Land ahoy!

OMG, picture this, a ship rocks up in Guam carrying housing units for up to 18,000 temporary workers. As the units are being unloaded hundreds and thousands of spiders, large and small, exit along with the cargo. Everybody panic!!! Authorities immediately demanded the cargo be thrown back on the ship and it, the crew and the friggin spiders ordered to get the hell out of their port. The Agriculture Department haven’t a clue what type of spiders they are but suspect they consist of numerous species.

Psst I bet the crew will be sleeping with one eye open now!


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Easy Mistake

Somali pirates failA group of Somali pirates thought they were so, so smart opening fire on a harmless cargo vessel, until they realized it was a French navy ship! Well, that is five less pirates to worry about!


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Sanction Breakers

Damn you western scum

Damn you UN western scum

Hey Kimmy Jong Il, been out of the news for a while huh? Never mind, you’re backkk, ooh and you’ve dragged in some unusual accomplices. The United Arab Emirates have seized an Aussie owned cargo ship, the ANL-Australia (flying a Bahamas flag) bound for Iran with a load of North Korean weapons on board. The little seizure included 14 included rocket launchers, detonators, munitions and ammunition for rocket-propelled grenades. That will earn Tehran and Pyongyang some more nice little harsh letters from the UN Security Council sanctions committee (to add to their collection). Oh and if you were wondering about Australia’s involvement, the ship is controlled by a French conglomerate and the export was arranged by the Shanghai office of an Italian company.Evidently the ship was supposedly carrying oil boring machines but some of it’s cargo was deceptively labeled (hmm, probably with Pyongy beer!).


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Anyone Seen a Big Friggin Ship?

Oh where, oh where, can that 4,000-ton Arctic Sea ship be? Yes, yet another cargo ship has been hijacked. OK, we have confirmation it has been pirated but know idea by whom and we have a ransom demand, now all authorities have to do is friggin find it! This is the first time in modern maritime history that a ship has disappeared off the face of the earth in European shipping waters. The ship is believed to have vanished in the English Channel, 50 miles from Penzance. Despite claims the ship was only carrying 6,500 tons of timber, rumors are rife that it may have been carrying a “secret cargo” in a “nuclear” kind of way. The Arctic Sea is owned by Finnish-based Russian businessmen. Read into that what you will! Oh and if for some reason you happened to sight a huge friggin ship with 15 very frightened Russian crewmen waving frantically at you, can you give the CIA a buzz.

UPDATE Stop looking Ann, the ship has been sighted near Cape Verde.


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