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Excuse Me, Is That a Baby In Your Bag?

OK, you might want to scratch stuffing your five month old baby into your carry on luggage because  that’s an arresting right there. Just ask the Egyptian couple who got busted when bubs showed up on an airport x-ray scan. The couple, who were originally being held at UAE immigration because they didn’t have a visa or passport for the child, decided to smuggle the baby in their bag when the staff changed at the end of the shift.

Psst Should be grateful it was in their carry on. I hear it gets very cold in the baggage hold!!!


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Rufus Roo

OMG, sick of getting charged extra  for carry-on luggage by airlines? Introducing the Rufus Roo flying jacket, it can carry up to 10kg within its six pockets. You may look like a friggin idiot boarding a plane but you won’t have to pay extra for onboard luggage. Yep, it can hold laptops, wine bottles and clothes. Bravo Andrew Gaule (he’s the inventor).

Psst It costs $45 online at Rufus Roo.



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Bomb Joke Backfired

Sheez, I was kidding!!!!

Hey psst Draco Slaughter, if you haven’t heard already, Homeland Security don’t have a sense of humor.The 75 year old is in big trouble after he told a flight attendant in New York he had a bomb in his carry-on luggage. Despite saying he was kidding he was arrested and now faces charges which could have him spending his twilight years behind bars. Bummer!


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