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Snow White would have a fit. As a new plan of attack by al Qaeda, an affiliate to the terrorist group is planning to make a Disney-like animated cartoon aimed at recruiting children. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off the work we go…. The cartoon is said to show kids in army fatigues plotting and planning terror attacks. Oh yeah and lets just say it ain’t just Bambi’s mother who gets it!


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Beached Az and the Gangsta Bears

Hmm, just when you thought it was safe to get beached with a New Zealand whale, a new cartoon has reared it’s ugly head. Eh bro.

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We Don’t Have Exposed Genitals In This Court!

OK, here’s the thing Stephen Coffey (20), if you wear a t-shirt to court with a cartoon character  exposing himself, damn straight you’ll get sent home to change! Sheriff Andrew Berry was not impressed when he noticed Mr Coffey’s tee which read “Why I don’t wear shorts” and included a picture of an old man flashing his genitals. Sheez, friggin Y gens!

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Disturbing Alert

WTF. OK Loons can someone please explain. I came across this little cartoon and thought hmm… David & Lionel: Christian Masturbation… how bad could it be? Considering I am only the 54th person to watch it I think I might be going to hell. Is this as disturbing as I think it is?


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Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

You hear something?

Now we all know the grief Salman Rushdie suffered after his words got the fanatics angry, so imagine Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard’s when a friggin axe and knife wielding Somali (alleged) terrorist tried to kill him. Holy fanatic crazy bastards Batman, the home invader got as close as smashing a window before being shot. Westergaard’s woes began in 2005 after he published a cartoon featuring Islam’s Prophet Mohammed with a bomb-shaped turban on his head . Ever since then he has been looking over his shoulder in fear and ordering a lot of take-aways. Fortunately Westergaard’s house has a panic room, where he hid until police arrived and popped a slug into the unnamed man who has links to Al Qaeda.

Psst Hmm, I wonder if Bearman has a panic room!


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