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Penis On The Pavement

vandals carve penis into newly laid concreteWouldn’t it make you just scream. Some poor butcher arrived at his shop to discover some evil doer had carved a 6ft penis into his newly laid  $7000 concrete parking lot. To make matters worse he doesn’t have the money to redo the job so he will now park his car over it to avoid the expected jibes. Seriously, that would be a status symbol in my driveway.


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Lordie, lordie, lordie, it’s bad enough having a swastika on your butt, but having it scratched on with a screwdriver, yikes. Briana Rose Murray was jailed for over a year for her part in what has been described as a racially motivated attack. Briana and two members of the Christchurch skinheads were knocking a few back when they decided to pick on some poor dude. In typically skinhead fashion they stomped on the 23 year old’s head until he was unconscious, pulled down his pants and began their handy work. When the man regained consciousness he not only discovered his pants were still down but he now had a friggin swastika carved on his arse.


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