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Most Requested Halloween Costume This Year

Ahhhhh, no way!

Most popular Halloween costume request this year…wait for it….Casey Anthony. Problem? No one is actually selling them. Quick loons, to the laser printer!!!!


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Would Dexter Go After Casey Anthony

OMG, TMZ asked actor Michael C Hall if  Dexter would go after Casey Anthony. Classic!

Want sauce with that?


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Casey Anthony Innocent?


OMG, so if Casey Anthony didn’t kill her daughter Caylee, who did? In a stunning turn of events the jury has found Casey Anthony not guilty of killing her daughter, instead convicted her of lying to investigators. The case received world wide attention after the decomposed body of two year old Caylee was found after her grandmother reported her missing. During the investigation Casey Anthony changed her story numerous times about the whereabouts of her daughter ,who had been missing for a month before the grandmother notified police.

Psst I assume this means double jeopardy and another innocent victim goes into the unsolved files.


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