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Royal Flush or just Craps

A German casino (and several streets) was evacuated after reports a rubbish bin in the men’s loo was making suspicious ticking and buzzing noises. A bomb squad unit was deployed and several streets surrounding the casino were also evacuated for fear of a kaboom! The whole incident was called off when the special unit discovered the sus device was not a bomb but  …wait for it…. a discarded mechanical penis ring that had its vibration function turned on. Move on, nothing to see here.


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OK, here’s the thing drunk Oregon man, going into an Nebraska police station and asking for blackjack chips is one thing but coming back again, that’s a night in the cell!!! The 21 year old, who registered three times over the state’s legal limit, was so blottoed he kept thinking the station was a casino. In the end they threw him into a cell to sober him up but he wasn’t charged. Guess the chips were down!


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Friggin Fleas!

You think your job is bad, spare a thought for casino workers in Auckland, New Zealand. They have been forced to wear flea collars around their ankles, thanks to a friggin flea infestation. Despite the casino being cleaned everyday the fleas have pretty much called SkyCity Casino home for several years now. Management say they unaware of any complaints about insect bites.

Psst It could be worse, they could suffer from nervous ticks!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Oceans 0


OK loons, and I thought the dumbass of the year award had already been won! A man wearing a motorcycle helmet walks into a casino in Las Vegas and  proceeds to a craps table where he pulls out a gun and loads his backpack with over $1.5 million worth of chips before running out and jumping onto a motorcycle for his great escape. Only Prob, the dude now has $1.5 million worth of jack shit. All gambling chips are unique to each casino and he will have pretty much Buckley’s of redeeming them. Oh and if that wasn’t dumbass enough, evidently most chips in Vegas have radio frequency ID in them.  Rob a friggin bank for goodness sakes!


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