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Watch Your Back Queenslanders

Hmm loons, remember that shit eating bird I mentioned a few weeks back? Yep, this sucker…

Well, thanks to that friggin cyclone Yasi in Queensland a whole big flock of Cassowaries (OK maybe 1,000) have no habitat left and now they are friggin starving and on the hunt for food. Did I happen to mention they can disembowel a human? Residents have been told to run like hell if they come across the 6ft, 140lb  friggin creature with 12cm long talons, because they can rip your guts out with one kick. Even Guinness  Book of World Records has named it the most dangerous bird in  the world. Oh and if you think you can appease one by throwing it some food, think again. The bastards just get more aggressive.

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One Of Nature’s Nasties!

Now this is how I like my nature programs …”The Cassowary is a hideous and hateful bastard of a bird, and like most things that live in Australia, if ya piss it off, it can totally kick the shit out of you.”



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