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What’s Wrong with Tickle Cock Bridge?

WTF, I was conceived there!

Geez, Nanny State what’s the color red? The council in Castleford, West Yorkshire decided that the Tickle Cock Bridge should be renamed to save embarrassment for civil servants but the locals said stuff politically correctness they like their Victorian landmark just the way it is. The council in their infinite wisdom decided to erect a new plaque renaming the bridge Tittle Cott, which resulted in a massive backlash by residents. A public meeting was organized and a large majority voted to have the name reinstated. Back to being embarrassed you civic leaders.

Psst Tickle Cock Bridge has been around since the late 19th century and refers to a “monkey run” where boys and girls did their courting. Geez, they should be grateful it wasn’t built in the 21st Century or it more than likely would have been called “**** **** Bridge” (you fill in the blanks!)


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