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Cat Piss City

Noooo, I need my pasties

Noooo, it’s not me

Welcome to New Castle, Pennsylvania where the whole entire city smells of cat piss. Yes you heard me , cat piss. So far no one has a clue where the stench is coming from but residents aren’t happy. The authorities think it maybe coming from waste water or a herd of angry c,ats.

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Dell’s Kitty Litter Laptop

Dell laptop smells like cat pissAttention loons, if your Latitude 6430u ultrabooks Dell laptop smells like cat piss you are eligible for a replacement. Evidently the company has been inundated with complaints about a cat urine stench  coming from the keyboard. One disgruntled customer said “it smells as if it was assembled near a tomcat’s litter box.” Dell confirms they have located the issue and promise the new Ultras will be kitty litter free. Hmm, I blame the mouse.

Want sauce with that?


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See, No One Likes Vista!

My bad?

My bad?

Bad,bad pussy. An investigation is under way to determine whether a urinating cat caused a house fire in Benowa, Queensland. Two teenage boys were at home when the fire broke out and they believed their pet cat may be the culprit. Hmm, seems the feline is prone to a bit of spraying and the laptop computer lying in the corner of  one of the bedrooms looked a good a place as any to piss.


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