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Monsignor Meth

cross dressing priest arrested for drug dealingOK, I can kinda of forgive a sex shop owning cross dressing Catholic priest but I draw the line at him leading a $9,000 a week drug dealing ring. Seriously Monsignor,  crystal meth!!! Sources say suspicion began falling on the Connecticut priest when he began ‘engaging in sex acts, entertaining “odd-looking men” and cross dressing in the rectory of St Augustine Cathedral.’ Funny, because that normally doesn’t raise eyebrows amongst diocese officials. Anywho, Kevin Wallin resigned in 2011 and continued his path of damnation until his arrest in early January. Looks like he’s going to hell in a handbag and Jimmy Choo shoes.

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Holy Communion

OMG. An Irish Catholic priest has some explaining to do after explicit gay porn images appeared on his slideshow presentation about school children’s first Confessions. Oh well, he should be grateful for small mercies that it was only the parents of St Mary’s Primary School who witnessed it. Evidently the offending photos were on a memory stick he used.Witnesses say he “bolted out of the room” when he saw what was up on the screen. The priest is of course denying he had any knowledge of the porn. Hmm, so would I!!!

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Thieving Priest

Forgive me Father

A Catholic priest in Germany who feared he would go broke in his old age spent 40 years nicking money from church collection plates. The naughty priest had accumulated over 1 million euros in coins and notes but hadn’t spent a cent of it. The 78 year old was given a two year sentence for embezzlement but will spend it on probation.

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Now There’s A Ringtone From Hell

You know what I hate? When an 84 year old priest has oral sex with a 19 year old former choir boy and it becomes one of the hottest selling cell phone downloads in Brazil…. I really hate that. Monsignor Luiz Marques Barbosa is the Catholic priest in question and he’s been placed under house arrest while a police investigation into pedophilia accusations against him are completed. The footage came to light after Barbosa stopped paying blackmail money. Hmm, at 84 I would have thought just about everything stopped!!!!


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Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned

Do I look like a druggie officer?

As if the Catholic church hasn’t got enough to worry about, a Roman Catholic priest from Pennsylvania was busted for buying cocaine in Philadelphia. James B. Shimsky (50) was arrested after narcotics police spied him making a drug deal in his jeep. When they pulled him over they discovered a small amount of coke in the vehicle and you know the rest. Hmm, good luck explaining that to the St. John Vianney Parish. There’s a few hail Mary’s right there!


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Do You Swear On The Bible Father?

Waste Not, Want Not

Waste Not, Want Not

Of course there is drink driving loopholes for priests, too many masses and too much communion wine. An Italian priest is appealing his drink driving charges claiming it was the Holy Wine he had to drink during  4 separate masses that had tipped him over the limit. Hmm, must have been one hell of a mass because he registered 0.8 when the limit is 0.5. Despite his explanation the police revoked his drivers licence anyway…friggin atheists!


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