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When Cats Don’t Care


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Cats Knocking Over Shit


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Boston Inherits An Italian House With Its Cats and dogs


Congrats to the city of Boston, they have just inherited an estate in Italy. Only one catch. They have to feed the late owner’s cats and dogs. Luciano Visocchi named Boston as the sole heir to the Italian estate in his last will and testament despite no evidence he ever visited the US city. Evidently his mom and aunt had lived in Boston many moons ago and it was their stories of the city that inspired his decision. Unfortunately the translated will included this little clause “The City of Boston, MA, USA, is obliged to look after the old dogs Argus and Jak.To feed the cat Rossina, easily recognizable from her great size, as well as the cats: Giacchino, Rossino, Pasquale, Francesco, and others as well.’’ But (and there is always a but) the will is currently being contested in Italy by a local political party who claim they had been promised the estate. Hmm, I’m hoping in the meantime someone is feeding the friggin menagerie!

Want sauce with that?


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The Cats Fault

I'll shit somewhere else, OK!!!!

OK, here’s the thing roomies, don’t be getting into a fight about cats pooping in the bathroom or it may end with a shooting. Alan Kintner was right cheesed when one of his roommates complained about his cats crapping in the house. After a bit of kicking and wrestling it was alleged Kintner left the house and returned with a .22 caliber rifle and shot his roomie in the gut.Oh boy, that’s a Attempted Second-Degree Murder charge right there.


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Gangsta Rat

Don’t mess with a rodent in the hood you friggin pussies!


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Friggin Catnip!

Sometimes it’s the only way to clear a room!

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