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Cave Rescue

For the 13 young people trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand, the news that a Navy Seal has died en route to them must be devastating. While the world collectively holds their breath, a rethink is now on. The group are trapped in a small pocket. The only possible way out is to swim underwater for about 750m. It isn’t a straight swim, they will have to navigate through some narrow passages in the pitch dark. The risky decision to teach the teens and coach, not only to swim but to use diving equipment may have to aborted following the death of the experienced diver. Time is against them as a monsoon is about to hit and with it more torrential rain. This is truly what nightmares are made of. I have my fingers crossed that by some miracle they can be saved.


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Really Old Teeth Found In A Cave

A team of Israeli archaeologists are just about exploding with delight after discovering what is believed to be 400,000 year old teeth in a cave. Hmm, are they sure it ain’t from some lost Palestinian? Anywho ,if tests prove to be conclusive, and this is the remains of the earliest Homo sapien ever found, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be more Jewish bragging rights!


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Heartless Drug Cartel

Ewh ah, police in Cancun have discovered six dead bodies in a cave near a popular (hmm, maybe past tense now) resort. Three of the victims had their hearts removed and three  had the letter “Z” carved into their abdomens. Oh boy, authorities believe the “Z” may stand for the Zeta drug gang, one of  the many drug cartels who scare the living beejeesus out of Mexicans.


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There’s A Bear In There

Militants mauled to death by bears

My Bad?

OMG, being a Hizbul Mujahideen militant can sometimes be a bitch, especially if you hide in a cave frequented by friggin bears. Hmm, seems two commanders decided to make there hide-out in a cave in Darwal Nar in Pir Panjal. What they didn’t know was it was already being occupied by some very nasty bears who didn’t take too kindly to terrorists. Needless to say the militants were mauled to death before they could so much as mutter WTF!

Psst The real bummer was their bodies were discovered next to two Ak 47 rifles and some ammunition. See, told you it can be a bitch!


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This Would Never Happen To Batman

Man eveicted from cave because it didn't have a fire exitDamn, you know when your life is going down hill is when you get evicted from your cave . Hmm, for 16 years Hilaire Purbrick has been living in a 7ft cave in East Sussex but after the fire brigade had a little squizzy they concluded that there wasn’t enough fire exits for it to be safe and gave him his marching orders. Of course Mr Purbrick was going to ignore the order and of course the judge was going to order the council to formally evict him. It’s health and safety people! Oh well, lets see what the European Courts think about that!

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