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CBS Gets Pranked During Dorner Shoot Out

Oh dear ,  Ronnie The Limo Driver should have been the giveaway. A Howard Stern fan pranked CBS anchor during a live broadcast of the Dorner shoot out. Bad taste but kind of funny.


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CBS Evacuated

Run famous people, run!!! Police have evacuated CBS building in Hollywood after a suspicious white powder spilled out of a letter. Damn straight al Qaeda hate David Lettermen. Hmm, just don’t tell them he works out of New York. No word on who the letter was addressed to but it wasn’t Nancy or Chaz.

Psst Hollywood. White powder. I have a fair idea what it probably is!


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Tiger Fart Aftermath

Geez, who would have thought a fart would distract the world from  Michael Jackson. Tiger Woods fart on the 18th has captured the world’s imagination. Not since  Laura Palmer  has the world been left on the edge of their seats wondering who done it! Despite CBS trying to block footage of the incident on YouTube people just can’t get enough of the Tiger fart. One company is offering a free set of Nike clubs if they can “do it” like Tiger. TMZ broke their minute by minute coverage of MJ to mention the incident, twice! People are already forming their own opinions about who let it rip in FartGate forums around the net. Buick Open organizers are praying this will all go away, because no one seems to care who wins now! Team Tiger, team caddy and team sound guy are all denying the fart. I bet Nike are ruing the day they used the motto “Just Do It”

This Just in….Seems this isn’t the first time Tiger has let one rip. In 2006 he sneaked one in when he thought the cameras weren’t looking. If you listen closely at the 29 second mark you will hear that familiar Tiger fart. He even has a little giggle about it! And get this 1,440,775 clicked on this video to hear it! Man, he should bottle them farts and sell them!

Note the leg raise at impact!

Note the leg raise at impact!


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