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Dude, That’s One Scary Escape Hatch

Check out how tough this Turkish man is when he gets flung from his car after a crash. That’s gonna leave one nasty skid mark me thinks.


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Enough Is Enough

OMG. Want to see what a totally inebriated man looks like before he gets into his car and drives off? Hmm, CCTV cameras filmed this dumbass as he stumbled across his Nissan, gives it a big kiss, relieves himself on the road ( yes, he took a long piss), raises his arm in jubilation before fumbling for his keys and then driving off. This would be hilariously funny except for the fact it is these sort of assholes who wipe out entire families by getting behind a wheel drunk.

Psst The 36-year-old was banned from driving for 20 months and fined £190. Not friggin enough I say.


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Honey, I’m Gonna Be Home Early

Way too funny for words. Watch when a Russian factory worker’s foot slips on the accelerator of a forklift. Hmm, it is even funnier to know the boxes were filled with glass bottles of vodka and cognac. Guess who won’t be getting his Christmas bonus!


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One Of Life’s Little Lessons

A word of warning to all dumbassed purse snatchers, don’t mess with Japanese women in lifts! That’s gotta hurt! She’s definitely taken the train molester course.


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The Power of Prayer

OK, maybe you should try this next time you come face to face with a armed robber, friggin cry like you mean it and mention stuff about god. Hmm, you never know, you might just get lucky like the clerk in Indianapolis.Gregory Smith burst into a cash advanced store and threatened a female teller with a gun to which her response was to instantly burst into tears. The next thing you know the friggin robber and the clerk are praying together and giving each other hugs. Geez, night John boy!

Of course you want to watch it all unfold on CCTV footage….


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Big Aussie Brother!

Gotcha ya little shit!

Gotcha ya little shit!

I’m Friggin, Friggin Loon. Wanna be a spy and dob in UK crims from the comfort of your own home thousands of miles away? Well if you live in Australia you can. Yep, a British company is offering cash rewards for Aussies to spot shoplifters and thieves by sitting and watching live UK CCTV footage all day long. Once you spot a crook, it is as simple as clicking a button to alert the company. It’s perfect considering the time differences and it wont be long before the Brits will be able to return the compliment.
Wanna have a look see, the site is called Internet Eyes.

Psst Insomniacs from Britain can also sign up! I guess it will end up being whoever has the  fastest fingers gets the reward!

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