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Johnson Knob Censored

Come on show us the knob!!!

Come on show us the knob!!!

A newspaper in Johnson City won’t let readers see a 4 inch knob. Oh come on loons a “tree” knob.  Seems  the maple tree suddenly sprung a penis shaped knob  but the newspaper decided to blur the photo when they ran the story . The 88 year old owner of the tree said “I’ve mowed around that tree for a long time, and never did I notice that thing. But it’s there, plain as the nose on your face.”

Psst Johnson City bwahahahahahaha


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They Friggin Censored The Count From Sesame Street!!!

Compliments of Susi Spice. Sheez, they should do this to Big Bird too, boy, has he got a mouth on him!!!!


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Leave It To Beaver

Vagina? Hands praying?

Oh my, a beaver statue in Bemidji, Minnesota has been removed after some people thought the scene painted on it looked like a vagina rather than the hands of a woman praying. Ooh ah, a beaver’s beaver! The artist Deborah Davis and several others were so upset to discover the beaver had been removed from the Bemidji Sculpture Walk they stood at the empty site and held up “Censored” signs while other artists covered their beaver sculptures in protest too.

Psst This would never happen at a CowParade 🙂


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Mohammad Mocking on South Park

Forget Killing Kenny, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are on the extremists hit list radar for mocking Mohammad. Run boys, run! The South Park creators have decided to censor their show after they received  threats jihads fatwas warnings over their piss pulling on Mohammad.  You know you just can’t depict Mohammed in a bear suit and think you can get away with it. OK, yes,  sure Scientology isn’t so scary, so, yes, Tom Cruise in a closet is acceptable, but guys…. move over Salman you’re hogging the blankets!


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UFO Files Censored

Last week after a great deal of hullabaloo from the general pubic about freedom of information yada, yada, yada, the British government released the Ministry of Defence UFO files. And we are talking friggin files upon files dating from 1994-2000.Weird alien abductions, flying saucers, strange skin rashes, tubes of light,you name it, its all there for all the world to see. So anywho, you would have thought it would have shut the x-filers up for a while. Nope, no sirree, now they are now bitching about the “blacked out” bits. Hmm, seems the “uncomplimentary comments”, made by military and police (where I assume they were pulling the piss big time) have been edited out. Oh boo, that would have been the most entertaining part. However, some of the more suspicious and cynical buffs believe there is more to the censoring of the files. Of course!

Psst To all you UFO buffs, click here for the Ministry of Defence  files and knock yourself out!


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