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1,000 Thing To Do Before You Die

Go granny!

Ma Xiuxian is 102 years old and guess what? She’s going back to primary school.Yes, the centenarian who never received a proper education is fulfilling her dreams of completing school. A lesson to be learned people! After attending her first grade one lesson  Ma said “Thank you teacher! Thank you my classmates! I’ll study hard and do my contribution to the country.” Bless, she uses hearing aids and a magnifying glass so not as to miss a thing. Bravo.


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Murder She Wrote

Oh my goodness, it appears we have a little trouble in a nursing home in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. A 98 year old woman has been accused of murdering her 100 year old roommate by placing a plastic bag over her head. Motive? Laura Lundquist had often complained that her roomie Elizabeth Barrow had way too many visitors.


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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

A 100 year old  man marries a 17 year old

Somalia you say?

Bless, Ahmed Mohamed Dhore married Safiya Abdulle in Somalia this week. He’s a 112 and she’s 17. No really! This is Dhore’s 6th marriage while it’s Abdulle’s first. How sweet. Oh and Dhore said he has wanted to marry Abdulle for a long time but waited for her to grow up. And don’t worry, everyone is happy for him, his kids, his two other wives and even Abdulle’s parents. Hope they go somewhere nice on their honeymoon! I just love  happy endings, fills my heart with joy!

Psst The three other wives are deceased.


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100 is the new 70

No really, who needs sex?

No really, who needs sex?

Seems like the 100 is the new 70. This week has seen the centenarians hitting the headlines.Clara, the 105 year old virgin, came out declaring having “no sex” was the secret to a long life, whilst Sister Celcia, a 106 year old nun who lives in a convent in Rome, has announced she is going to cast her vote for Obama in this years Presidential elections. That’ll make Celcia the oldest voter of 2008. So here is a recap, Clara Meadmore (not Needmore) from Britain, who was simply too busy to have sex, turned 105 this week. During an interview she said this about sex ‘I imagine there is a lot of hassle involved and I have always been busy doing other things. I’ve never had a boyfriend – I’ve never been bothered about relationships.’ She believes the secret to longevity is no hanky panky (she obviously hasn’t met Hugh Hefner).Then there is Sister Cecilia Gaudette (bless) the 106 year old American who has been living in a Roman convent for the past 50 years. She has decided, since casting her last vote (which was in 1952 for President Eisenhower), that she would do it all again for Barack Obama. Obviously the convent has cable, because she has been closely following the progress of the two front runners. So why does this hard of hearing nun like Obama so much? Here is what she is expecting Obama will bring to the world “Peace abroad. I don’t worry about the Iraq war because I can’t do anything about it. Lord knows how it will end. It is very complicated,” adding “Those Eastern people are not like we are.” Hmm, obviously isn’t aware of Obama’s family ties or his stance on abortion.
You go girls, you just can’t keep a good centurian down.

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