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Don’t Pat The Raccoons

A little word of warning to Central Park joggers, layabouts, muggers and picnickers, avoid the raccoons if you can, they are rabid. Yep, seems there has been a slight outbreak… hmm 114 cases this year to be exact.So if you see one, run!!! AND if they happen to chase you, run friggin faster!


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Eco Friendly Smoothies

I'm too exhausted to drink it!

Want an environmentally  friendly drink you kinda of make yourself? Introducing the eco friendly food truck, which will be plonked in Central Park right across from the Museum of Natural History and features  bicycle blenders. For $5 you can get a smoothie but if you blend it yourself by pedaling you get a $1 off!!!!! But wait, there’s more,  Sean Meenan’s eco friendly truck includes a gas tank filled with cooking oil, solar panels on the roof, recycled paper products and utensils and benches made from a compound of milk crates and sawdust.


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Wood Pecker!

Shall I compare thee to a Summers day

Evidently in Scotland you can get banned from parks for attempting to have sex with trees. Who Knew? William Shaw has been banned from going anywhere near Central Park in Airdrie after it was alleged he dropped his daks and undies and began humping a tree.  Oh of course he is pleading not guilty.  No word on whether the tree will be laying sexual assault charges. Geez, lucky he didn’t get any splinters! Ewh ouch!

Psst No Loons, I don’t know what type of tree but I suspect it was a hardwood!


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