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Moths in Aisle 8

There is a reason why you rotate food on shelves. A man bought a box of Quaker Granola cereal from a Walmart. No biggie …except for the friggin expiry date… Feb 22, 1997. Oh lord, the box had been sitting on the shelf for 21 years. The guy claims he ate the entire box despite it not tasting so good. Golly.

PSST What that box must have seen in Walmart!


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As If We Haven’t Got Enough To Worry About

OK, no need to panic people BUT tests have found recycled cardboard boxes used by companies such as Kelloggs contain deadly chemicals.Seems it’s the toxic mineral oils in printing ink from recycled newspapers that is the culprit . Damn thing can get into foods even through those inner plastic bags. These oils can cause inflammation of the internal organs and cancer. Cereal, pasta, rice anything in a friggin recycled box is potentially deadly. Step away from the cornflakes!!!

Want sauce with that?


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This Should Put You Off Eating Breakfast!

What cereal did you say?

Ewh, it must be that time of the month again because a Georgia man claims he found a used (yes, used) tampon in his box of Chocolate Chip Crunch cereal. Thomas and Lynn Roddenberry  bought the cereal from Save-a-Lot but said the  next day, when Thomas poured some into a bowl and added milk there it was, a used tampon floating in his breakie. He did the old WTF, spat the offending Chocolate Chip Crunch cereal out and then went straight to a hospital emergency.That’s a lawsuit right there, period!


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