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Public Art Revenge

He had one job. A guy who threw a bottle of champers at a Russian monument got quite the surprise….


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Oldest Drinkable Champagne Discovered In Shipwreck

Oh yeah it's good

Forget the friggin frozen whiskey in Antarctica, there  are 30 bottles of unopened 200 year old champagne in a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea. Sheez, the divers have already drunk a bottle (bastards) and say it is fantastic, tasting sweet with a hint of tobacco and oak. Hmm, it will be interesting to hear what the connoisseurs have to say. The divers discovered the champers in a shipwreck near the Aland Islands (somewhere between Sweden and Finland). If the alcohol proves to be from the 1780’s, it’s expected each bottle will sell for 50,000 Euros.

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Like Water For Chocolate

Bear raids fridge and eats box of chocolatesWhat does a bear with a sweet tooth eat? Anything it friggin wants. Hmm, a California couple arrived home to find a bear in their kitchen. It seems the hungry creature had, broken into the San Bernardino County house, opened the fridge, chucked the vegies out of the way and tucked straight into a kilo box of chocolates (Oprah envy?). Hmm and lucky the couple got home when they did because the bear was attempting to open a bottle of Champagne. Gee, it must be Valentines Day in bear world!


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